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Mar 22, 2007
Well, after her two falls mother seemed to be finally accepting she needs to be where she is . I thought this was a major step in the right direction that she was finally giving up her increasingly bizarre campaign to "get away" from her nursing home.
However, she has now decided, it seems , to cause as much trouble and make herself as unpopular as she possibly can in there. She has now decided she wants a different room...which she has decided is vacant. It isnt, the occupant is in hospital, but mother has decided "we" are lying about that, we just dont want her to have that room.
but worse yet, she has decided she now wants a telephone. She couldnt manage a mobile and I had to take it away as she was accusing me of ignoring her calls (I wasnt she simply couldnt diall my number) but now she wants a landline.
I dont know if she will even be able to use that, but she might be able to, and I simply cannot bear to go back to telephone calls all hours of the day and night again. I have tried to tell her it will only upset her to have a phone because I am often not at home to answer and then she will be annoyed where I am, (which is exactly what used to happen) and if she needs to speak to me the staff can phone me from the office phone, but she will not have it!
There are phone sockets ion the room and she knows it is posssible to get a phone and I cant think of how to stop this happening!


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Mar 20, 2007
Hi Natashalou

Sorry to here your mum is playing up, try plugging a broken phone in the socket, tell her there must be a problem with the phone line. You could always disguise the socket in some way. I'm sure your son could use his imagination to help.
Hope you get something sorted
Take Care Bye for now
Janetruth x

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Apr 8, 2005
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Lie to her

Tell her you have called & are waiting for someone to call back & set up an appointment.

I also like Jane's approach. I will give AD this much, it makes us very creative in our approaches to problems.