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Feb 1, 2012
Living nowadays through some very dark days and nights, I observed the Alzheimer’s Society’s new branding exercise with a jaundiced eye. As if they were launching dementia as some kind of new soap powder!
I’ve been living with dementia for more than twelve years (seems like double that) and the only part of the AS that I’ve come into contact with has been this forum. However, I have to say, if this were all the AS. had to offer, it would still be worth ten times it’s weight in gold. But I’ve never met a dementia ‘friend’ let alone a dementia ‘champion’, I don’t know where they are and what they do. They don’t do it anywhere near me that I know of.
Nevertheless, because it sponsors this forum, I’ve subscribed to the AS. and received it’s magazine, which though very noble always left me underwhelmed.
However the latest edition came through my letter box today, and I felt as if a light had been switched on in my darkness. They seemed to be talking about world I live in. Best of all, at long last, they are using material from this forum. Hotdog! Anything now seems possible, maybe I’ll finally get to meet one of these ‘friends or champions’ in a CH. with their sleeves rolled up doing something useful. Wouldn’t that be something? There’s an old wartime saying, nothing cheered the troops more than a General being killed or wounded!
Anyway, good on you AS. May your new brand sell like a super new soap powder.
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