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The Memory Band on World Alzheimers Day


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Aug 24, 2006
London UK

Hi All.
Here's the event I have been putting together. We've got a cracker. Am afraid I cannot include the poster in my message, but if you click the link above you'll see it.
It's lovely!

All the details are below but if there is anything further to add, and there might yet be a surprise or two to add, then the details will be at www.knom.co.uk

The Memory Band, Sandra of the Memory Machine, more
Fri 21st September 2007, World Alzheimer's Day at The Local
The Local proudly presents a one-off special event in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society. On World Alzheimer’s Day, you get:

Friday September 21 2007
Downstairs at The Kings Head, Crouch End
London N8

The Memory Band (Live)
Pioneers of the Nu Folk movement, The Memory Band have been ploughing their furrow for over 4 years now. The brainchild of band leader Stephen Cracknell, the band is something of an institution where musicians of the day stop off for a while, move on, and come back. Collaborations with Adem, Fourtet, North Sea Radio Orchestra and Tunngs Sam Genders abound, and the list of band members is ever growing: Adem himself, Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Simon Lord (Simian, Black Ghosts), Findlay Brown, Howard Monk, Jenny-Mat Logan (Elysian Quartet), and Nancy Wallace are just a few of the names to have appeared with this fantastic band.

Expect lush arrangements of traditional folk songs, among many fine new compositions faithful to the genre.

“One of the coolest bands around” NME (7/10)
“A very poignant and somewhat oddly nostalgic treat” MOJO ****
“It’s good to hear an album that reduces you to a blubbing wreck” MIXMAG
“This is a bewitching and brilliant record” DJ Magazine (9/10)
"brims with sinuous, fiddle driven audacity" Chicago Tribune

Sandra of the Memory Machine (Live)
Sandra Marinovich is from Sydney, Australia. Her influences of Eurythmics, Karen Carpenter, Mariah Carey, David Bowie and Talking Heads heavily mesh with her family's Slavic history, observations of those around her and her obsession with vocal melody. ElectroFolk merges with proto-pop. The shows are high energy, raw and rhythmic. The songs are simple and fresh and could live in any genre. The machine is always changing but Sandra accepts the responsibility of ownership, collecting the memories that make songs.

There will be Speakers/ Pop/ Memory Quiz.

All proceeds to The Alzheimer’s Society

Tickets are cheaper in advance and are at www.wegottickets.com/knom

We have 9 signed and framed original prints of local bands to auction off on the night. Bring your cheque books to get your hands on pictures of Pete Doherty, The Holloways, We Smoke Fags, The Charlatans and The Fairies Band. All proceeds to go to Youth for Dementia, the international network of young people working to raise money and awareness of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Go to www.youthfordementia.org to see what will be on offer. For the young and the young at heart!

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Well done Monkey!!!! Obviously lots of good wishes to hope everything goes well and you raise loads!!!!

Just had a play of some of the links - Sandra sounds deffo 'Kate Bush meets Dido'!!!! (I'd hope she'd take that as a compliment! :) ) Quite distinctive!!!! Wish I were nearer London!!!!

Sorry to be nosey - but what links are there with the musicians and performers to Alzheimers and their drive to do this benefit concert? Just like to know the personal touch, I guess! ;)

Love, Karen, x


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Jun 27, 2006
Monkey: I've merged your 2 threads in order to keep the boards tidy (and we like to keep things in the appropriate forum)

Best wishes


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Aug 24, 2006
London UK
No worries re the merging, I just wanted to tell as many as possible.

The motivation to do this just stems from my warped sense of humour. I book and play in bands a lot and knew there were some with Memory in the name.

I mentioned this to Stephen Cracknell, the leader of the memory band (I play drums) and he was dead keen to do it, as he has met my mum, and he has sponsored me in my running for A.S.

It's also a nice thing for me to be able to mix this all up with something I clearly have an interest in.

Sorry you can't make it!

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