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The funny side of dementia


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Mum usually thinks Im her mum too.
Once i said "no mum, Im not actually your mum" and she thought and said
"You must be my aunt then"


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Jan 5, 2014
I gave my mum an amaryllis for Christmas (bulb in a pot), and she is very happily watching it grow (can't remember I gave it to her)

When I went round today she had it in the shopping bit of her rollator. I asked why and she said the street lights at night were too bright and stopping it growing at night so as she couldn't' carry it, this way she could move it into the dark bathroom at night and back to the window in the day.

I just hope she doesn't break the flower off as it is growing really well, and clearly keeping her happy.


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Feb 12, 2015
Double Identity

If you don`t laugh sometimes you will cry!

My mum has mixed dementia and with the help of carers and me she still lives at home on her own.

I recently went away for a few days and arranged that my son would go over each day to keep a normal routine for mum. Well!!!!! what a laugh when I came back she said...."Do you know a lad came one day, he only stopped for a bit and had to go and get a car or something! He was alright but I`ll tell you what, the next day ooh this good looking tall lad came and he was a grand lad (yes you guess we are from Yorkshire). He sat down and we watched that thing over there (television) and he stopped for ages. I liked him, he can come again!!! Not keen on other one though!!!



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Mar 11, 2014
My dad is rather obsessed with his bowel movements these days and gives us a running commentary both before and afterwards (texture, amount etc :eek:) He's been given lactulose but gets the name wrong which makes us :) as he gets up, clutching his bottom and accompanied by noises worthy of a brass band concert says 'my flatulose is working I think'. Yes dad, we think so too!


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Jan 30, 2015
This thread is priceless! Sometimes you have to laugh.......

1.30am (bursting into room) Husband: Reg Vardy and another man want the keys.
Me: Not to worry, go back to bed and I'll give them back
tomorrow.(dementia lie)
1.35am (bursting into room) Husband:Now Reg Vardy and the other man are sat in my
room and they have no clothes on.

Ann Mac

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Oct 17, 2013
Mil was in a bit of an 'I can't be bothered mood' one morning last week whilst I was trying to help her have a wash. I had to keep reminding her to 'Give that bit a good wash, love', every step of the way as she was very half hearted about weilding the flannel. I was getting the eye rolls and the big sighs and finally, when I had to ask her for the 3rd time to please wash under her arms properly, she snapped at me . . .

"Do you treat all your customers like this?'

Customers? - I'd love to know who or what she thought I was!


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May 20, 2014
I think the secret is to find humour in as much as you can, when possible, both me and mum do find funny things about what she does and says, (not in a mickey taking way) the other day she was counting her cats(she has 4, but keeps thinking there are more, as she has always had lots of cats) she counted them through, and said one is by you..it was my coat with a fur collar showing on the sofa..I said "should have gone to spec savers- we fell about, and she actually recalled the vet advert for specsavers! I also find she reacts much better to being told this or that needs doing or offered help if its via humour - definately a case of a spoon full of sugar


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Mar 24, 2012
I had to find this thread and write down two of the funny things Allen has said today,
the carer had put her keys down and couldn't find them,we were looking for them and Allen said are these them in the squeezy bottle, pointing to his cream for his legs, :eek:

Then he was eating his supper and singing at the top of his voice "Please release me let me go" and he said have you put something in this cereal to make me sing :D


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Jul 27, 2013
My dad when he stays here has a thing about our dogs squeaky toys, he keeps putting them in his pockets wandering around , all you can here are these toys squeaking , every time he steps, bends over, sits down ...and each...oooooh after each squeak:Dtears of laughter from us


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Mar 8, 2014
What a wonderful thread, has had me laughing out loud, keep it going folks:D I came in from work last tuesday to Dad announcing that he'd done some chores. "Wow" and "oh dear" I thought, but all I could see was 2 toilet rolls sitting on the kitchen roll holder next to the hob :D


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Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands
What a wonderful thread, has had me laughing out loud, keep it going folks:D I came in from work last tuesday to Dad announcing that he'd done some chores. "Wow" and "oh dear" I thought, but all I could see was 2 toilet rolls sitting on the kitchen roll holder next to the hob :D
:D :D

You just gotta laff - otherwise.....


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Jul 7, 2015
Destitute or prostitute that is the question

Thank you so much. WGA and Ann Mac. I am still laughing and I so need to laugh. If my Mother comes out with a good one I will post it. She is very likely too:D

Candlelight 67
Thought I share this one with you ;-) My step Mum 95 years young and we are about 5 years into our journey together with her Alzheimer's and she was once again asking me how much money she has left in her account ? so I thought I'd change my usual response that she was solvent and doesn't owe any body monies ( Her constant worry ) And I told her she was destitute and had nothing left .. Well how can that be she replied unless I turn to prostitution, never mind she continued I must have spent it all on sex with a man you know you have to at my age ! Said with a twinkle in her eye ;-) Moments like that help me get through the bad days .Think I wet my knickers that day with laughing so much


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Oct 29, 2014
Great story and thread

I love your stories. Mom has been in a home with other sufferes and when a group of them are together the situation is funnily bizarre. They talk to each other with random responses to each other. I said goodbye to Marlene the other day but called her marcia by accident. She said she liked that name better, so now she is marcia. Let's share more funny stories it cheers me up.

Rageddy Anne

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Feb 21, 2013
One day I said idly that I wondered why they buried Richard the third in Leicester, and my husband said " because he was dead" . I don't know if he was joking or hadn't understood, but that was very typical of his old sense of humour.


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Feb 25, 2015
I went into see my mum the other day and took her an ice cream and I had one myself. Two other ladies were in the lounge and I felt bad so offered to go and buy them one. Went to tell staff where I was going and they said not to bother as they had choc ices in the freezer. Went back into the lounge and the other two ladies were sharing my mum's ice cream. I said didnt you want that mum and she said they pinched it from her. Then a member of staff came round with the choc ices and they took them too. Had to laugh!


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Apr 9, 2013
Mother-in-Law can't understand why she needs to go to the hospital to have her pacemaker checked as 'she doesn't use it anymore' !!!