The Experience Of Person -centred Care

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    Oct 4, 2006
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    Hi Again

    Part Two

    You Are In A Garden At The Start Of A Summers Day. The Air Is Warm And Gentle, Carrying The Sweet Smell Of Flowers And A Slight Mist Is Floating Around. You Can't Make Out The Shape Of Everything But You Are Aware Of Some Beautiful Colours Blue,orange,pink And Purple. The Grass Is Green As Emeral You Don't Know Where You Are But This Doesn't Matter. You Somehow Feel At Home And There Is A Sense Of Harmony And Peace.
    As You Walk Around You Become Aware Of Other People. Several Of Them Seem To Know You, It Is A Joy To Be Greeted So Warmly And By Name.
    There Are One Or Two Of Them Whom You Feel You Know Well, And There Is That One Special Person.she Seems So Warm,so Kind,so Understanding.she Must Be Your Mother. How Good That Is To Be Back With Her Again. The Flame Of Life Now Burns Brightly And Cheerfully Within You. It Hasn't Always Been Like This, Somewhere Deep Inside There Are Dim Memories Of Times Of Crushing Loneliness And Ice Cold Fear. When That Was You Don't Know Maybe It Was In Another Life. Now There Is Company Whenever You Want It And Quiteness When That Is What You Prefer. This Is The Place You Belong With These Wonderful People They Are Like A Kind Of Family.
    The Work You Do Here Is The Best You Have Ever Had. The Hours Are Flexible And The Job Is Pleasant. Being With People Is What You Have Always Enjoyed. You Can Work At Exactly Your Own Pace Without Any Rush Or Pressure, You Can Rest Whenever You Need. For Instance There Is That Nice Man That Comes To See You By A Strange Coincidence His Name Is That Of Your Husband. He Seems To Need You And Enjoy Being With You.
    You For Your Part Are Glad To Give Time To Being With Him, His Presence Strangely Gives You Comfort.
    As You Pass By A Mirror You Catch A Glimpse Of A Person Who Looks Quite Old. Is It Your Grandmother Or That Person Who Used To Live Next Door? Anyway It Is Good To See Her Too. Then You Begin To Feel Tired You Find A Chair And Sit Down Alone. Soon You Become Aware Of A Chill Around Your Heart, A Sinking Feeling In Your Stomach The Deadly Fear Is Coming Over You Again. You Are About To Cry Out, But Then You See That Kind Mother Person, Already There Sitting Beside You. Her Hand Is Held Out Towards You Waiting For You To Grasp It. As You Talk Together The Fear Evaporates Like The Morning Mist, And You Are Again In The Garden Relaxing In The Warmth Of The Sun. You Know It Isn't Heaven Itself But Sometimes It Feels As If It Might Be Halfway There.

    I Hope These Give Some Insight Into How Someone With Ad Feels.
  2. hairwench

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    Oct 1, 2006
    hi varbell,
    found your insights vert interesting but sad and a bit scarey.
    a bit like the whole experience in general really, i am upset to think my peter is feeling something similar to this, it breaks my heart,
    hairwench x
  3. perfectpatience

    perfectpatience Registered User

    Oct 3, 2006
    Hi Varbelle. Really found your insight to AD very depressing. If AD suffering was anything like this it doesent bear thinking about. I would like to think that the true insight would be much more kinder, without pain or suffering just foggy but warm...with long term memories comforting and 'uplifting'...and if any good is to come out of this awful illness its the fact that any bad experience ..pain or evil wrong doing in the present or past .. cannot and does not get through. If the only suffering is what the relative or carer is suffering....I would choose to take this pain every time.
  4. varbell

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    Oct 4, 2006
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    Hi perfectpatience
    I really think that you are burying your head in the sand, I have looked after my mother for 5 years with AD and the reality is that she used to see people and times she would be frightened and bewildered by what was happening to her. The interrogation as is said is probably how she felt when she first had the tests that diagnosed she had AD. If you find it depressing I am sorry but that is the reality.
  5. Amy

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    Jan 4, 2006
    Hiya Varbell,
    Must confess that I have only read the section above - I hope that I am a person
    who makes 'Fear Evaporates Like The Morning Mist,' for my mum. Though I think the mist is so dense now, she rarely breaks out of it.
    Love Helen
  6. cem74

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    Oct 24, 2006
    perth scotland
    I am a nurse and found your desciption very moving and feel in could describe a number of people the a nurse quite well. I teach person centered care to my staff and was wondering how you would fell about giving me a copy of both the posting as I think it would be thought provoking to share with my staff. If used I would credit it back to yourself if you wished
  7. Lonestray

    Lonestray Registered User

    Aug 3, 2006
    A true picture

    Thank you Varbell, your picture is so true I've been through it all with my wife. When she was seeing people I accepted them as real, because to her they were. Once she had her fall and walked into hospital, from then on her life must have been hell, it was for me. The first hospital, the second, the six moves she had in two months left both of us wrecks. The lack of understanding of Alz in the medical and caring profession of both patients and carers, left me so flustrated I gave up on the system. Now we are approaching the 4th year after the so called final stage, I care for her alone and am learing from her all the time and find her world is intersting.
    The sad thing is no one appears interested, even when I contacted the local Alz society twice they never returned my call. As for quality of life, look at the daily news, the families in the Middle East should make you think. I'm thankful for my blessings and live in hope. God bless. Padraig
  8. milliken

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    Feb 26, 2008
    wanting to learn so much

  9. jenniferpa

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    Jun 27, 2006
    Hi Milliken and welcome to Talking Point.

    You might want to start a new thread if you have some specific (or even general) questions. This is quite an old thread, and I think only one of the people who posted to it are still around.

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