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Feb 15, 2008
greenhithe kent
hi, everyone have not posted for a while, feeling very drained emotionaly, had only bad news lately, 3 freinds from our dementia center have died recently, cant face another funeral,sorry to sound so down, just failed my driving test for second time, booked another in may, thats enough, feeling sorry for myself, 60 in april, looking for some funny jokes to say at my birthday going for a nice meal with freinds and family, came across this one, 3 sisters age 72,74,76, live in the same house together, one night the 76yr old draws a bath she puts her foot in and shouts out was i getting in or out the bath, the 74yr old i dont know i will come up and see, she starts up the stairs and says was i going up or down the stairs, the 72yr old was sitting at the table having tea listning to her sisters, i sure hope i never get that forgetful,she knocks on wood for good measure,i will come up to help as soon as i see who is at the door. :) feel better now. bclark

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Well if you can still appreciate a joke when you feel so down, you are not going under yet.
Sorry about the driving test, it will come in time.
Sorry about your friends from your dementia centre, what can anyone say?
Keep posting on TP, however fed up you are. There will always be someone who knows what it`s like.
Love xx