Thank you


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Jul 11, 2007
I was so happy to get replies to my message its comforting to know that others are living in similar situations as yourself I feel that the best support a carer can
get is for someone to listen to them that really helps a lot .
my mums doctor ( LADY )tells me she has dementia she wants mum to see a dementia psychologist but mum refuses to see him I think because she is going through a stage where she does not like men
In the 2 years since mum has lived with us she has gone through many moods she has been verbally nasty and swearing , she has hidden things she has accused us of pinching them I have enduring power of attorney I often get told that I have spent all her money which I have not.
I should explain her that my brother died 12 months ago and I am now the only child to look after mum
Lately after her fall she does not seem interested in watching the television or reading a magazine , which she used to do ,I find it difficult to find things to keep her entertained through the day apart from driving her around in the car .
please continue your support, and I hope I can support others.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Paris,

I`m so pleased the support you`ve received so far has helped you. I hope you receive much more support in the time to come.

However we sympathize with those with dementia, we are sorely tried by their agressive and unreasonable behaviour. We keep telling ourselves `it`s not them, it`s the illness`, but even knowing this doesn`t help, when we`re really struggling.

It does help to air our feelings on a forum like TP, as we know there will always be someone else who has experienced the same or similar challenges.

Is there any way you can get a dementia psychologist to visit your mum, on some pretext or other.

Kepp posting Paris, let us know how things progress.

Love xx


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Jan 4, 2006
Hya Paris - keep driving!! Is mum mobile - could you drive somewhere and then have a walk to pass the time?
Dad used to take mum out every afternoon, and then call in here for a coffee. t is very demanding of your time and attention - but if it is the only way to keep mum happy, then make it as enjoyable as you can for you.
Love Helen


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
Hi Paris,just a thought,may not work but hey ho.I have recently through my work attended a course on Demantia.One of the things that interested me was that encouraging anyone with dementia to talk about the past as they can go back years and remeber things.Making a "living" book was mentioned by way of photographs,letters,birthday cards etc really anything from their past that makes them happy.haven't tried it yet but am planning to with a resident i work i said just a thought.gud luk.elaine x