Thank You!!!


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Jun 13, 2003
I'm so excited to have found your forum! My Mom has dementia, lives in assisted living, and my sister and I constantly have questions, issues with her health. PLEASE I hope this forum grows so we can benefit from the experience of others!


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Mar 21, 2003

Hi Dot,

welcome, I hope you find this place on the web useful. The very kind people at the Alzheimers Society set this forum up a few months ago and even though its early days it's growing fast.

I hope you find a lot of support here. In my experience, people in similar situations can be a lot of help and support to each, its just not easy to find people in similiar situation to talk to. From the posts I've read so far we are having similiar emotions and the same difficulties coming to terms with our situations. Also, the practical problems are verys similar.

Please let me know if you need any help using the forum and please spread the word :eek:

Kind Regards