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City Claire

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Nov 1, 2004
Very belatedly I wanted to thank everyone on here who helped me through last Oct/Nov when my Dad went into hospital. We were 'lucky' in many ways as it was a specialist unit for people with dementia. Dad's health was deteriorating physically a great deal, which was why Mum eventually gave up the battle to look after him at home. Dad died on 25 Nov, and I've been meaning and meaning to come on and say thanks - it was so helpful at the time to find somewhere where people understood and helped, and practically, Sheila's pack 'When a loved one dies', helped me a great deal to find my way through all the admin when I wasn't really able to function properly.

Mum and I talk about Dad lots and we are able to share our grief, but also our memories of so many happy years.

My Dad would have wanted me to give you all a great big thumbs up! Thank you again so much.



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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
sorry to hear your sad news,but glad that we were able to help in some ways.
Please stay with us ,you have now much knowledge and experience and some where along the line you may be able to guide some one else.
Post when you can

All best wishes
Norman :)


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Claire, sorry to hear about your Dad, but he is at peace now and free from the disease. Try to remember the good times before dementia came to stay. So glad you found my notes useful. It was so hard finding out and doing it for my Mum, I thought a pack of info would be useful to offer support to others when the time came. Please keep in touch if you can, love to you and your Mum, sending you both a big hug, She. XX