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Thank you to Connie!


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Feb 5, 2005
I Just wanted to post a message to say a big thank you to Connie....
My mum was moved to Manchester from Essex 4 years ago as there were no appropriate homes in our area at that time.
She became very sick and travelling back and forth to Manchester all the time was causing additional stress for my sister and I.
Last year Connie recommended xxxxxx xxxxx a nursing home in Essex and after 10 months of battling with the PCT we finally got mum moved back to Essex this weekend.
I cannot tell you what a huge relief this is knowing she is so close to us and if it wasn't for Connie we would never have found this place.
Thank you to Connie and Talking point.
Michelle. xxx
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Nov 28, 2005
It is good to hear your good news about the transfer of your Mum.

I feel many of us have to appreciate Connie's help, support and advice, for lots of varying reasons.

So well done for starting this thread! :)
Best wishes Jan


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Michelle. thank you so much for the update. Have wondered how you and your sister had fared, re trying to get your dear mum moved nearer to youurselves.

With my Moderators hat on:
Michelle and I were in PM communication. I knew of a local home that could/would accommodate someone at the stage Michelle's mother was at

I am so glad things worked out well for you. Very best wishes and hopes that the future is kinder to you.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Connie, welcome back!

I didn't think you'd be home yet, so I borrowed your hug to send to bel, she needed it! Sorry!

Hope to have a full account of the holiday.