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Aug 13, 2007
Hi JanetMargaret back again to ask for more suggestions
Thank you all who replied to my previous message. Mum has got much worse in the last week. We have found she does have a UTI and that is being treated but it seems to have made no difference to my Mum. We will take her back again if there is no improvement. I live about 150 miles from Mum on the coast and she now thinks she living with me at the coast and not in the house where she has lived for 56 years. do you think it would be Ok to take her to my house for a few days and give my Dad some respite or as some people have said it might make her worse. She really used to love coming here and watching the sea so I think it might be good for her. If anyone has any advice it would be very welcome. hope to come back next time with better news


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Nov 28, 2005
she now thinks she living with me at the coast and not in the house where
I think generally it is felt that someone with dementia is more confused by a move, but in your Mum's case I feel maybe, as she thinks she is already with you, then why not! She is confused anyway and it may not be an easy ride for you, but the upside is you will be helping your Dad.

You say you live 150 miles away so would this be a problem should you need medical help?

Whatever you decide I do admire you for being so supportive with your parents.
Good luck Beckyjan


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Feb 17, 2006
could you stay at your father house , while your father stayed at yours so he could have a break .

Or you could try taking your mother to your , but if she gets more confused, upset you can bring her back

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