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Thank goodness for chocolate and a rant!


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Mar 9, 2015
My mum, although overly cheerful and giggly was bad today and I know it is the 'dementia' talking but it was awful. She was talking her usual about the relatives who have long since passed away and she was struggling with who I was and who my Dad was. When I said his name she answered with 'what him? that nasty rotten man' This is the first time she has spoken badly about my Dad who died 15 years ago and who was the love of her life and certainly was never nasty. She then said she had never been married and what was I talking about. The confusion continued with a ramble about my Mum and Dad and that I was her sister, cousin, and finally her dad, all tied up with a laugh and a giggle! Needless to say my day was spolit and I came home and started on the chocolate, followed by chocolate cake and then more chocolate. This disease is so horrible and sometimes hard to comprehend. I am dreading my next visit and what I may hear next. Bring on the chocolate and the pounds !! :(


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Jul 19, 2014
First times of anything are so hard. I do hope that the chocolate helped you in the short term at least. Only thing I would check if it is a first is that her urine is clear of infection. That makes SO much difference and if it is that then antibiotics will sort her out. Hope it is a UTI for your sake.