Thank God we don't rely on social services

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    May 12, 2006
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    Due to a fall 3 months ago, and three incidences of urinary track infections, mum has deteriorated at an alarming rate over the past three months. both mentally and physically.

    The decline has been huge, as even the nurses at the hospital that nursed mum the first time round saw a huge decline in her during this last stay.

    Basically after 10 days in hospital I still had not seen mum walk, and it was taking two nurses to carry out personal care.

    Monday - At this point I was told that they had treated mum's infection and that she was ready to go home.
    Which obviously came as a huge surprise to me.

    I was assured that the Interim Care Team had taken mum on. And and this point I asked about her personal care, so the Social Workers were contacted to arrange an assessment. We were working towards discharging mum on Wednesday.

    Wednesday - Contacted Interim Care Team, and asked them what had been put in place for mu, they had never even heard of her. They said that they would contact the ward and find out what the situation was.

    They called me back and advised me that the Social Worker was currently onthe ward assessing mum. Spoke to the case manager two hours later, and was advised that she was on her way to speak to the social workers.

    I went to the hospital two hours later, at which point I was advised that no social worker had been and mum had not been assessed.

    At this point as mum was now mobile I decided to take mum home, and the ward really was not the best place for her.

    I contacted social worker and asked for an assessment.

    Anyway 10 days later, no social worker as yet, not even anappointment and so interim care tea.

    I have bought a ramp, arranged for a wheelchair, rented a hospital bed, put in carers for am to wash and dress mum,and evening to put her to bed.

    I gave up work last year to look after mum fulltime, and I don't regret it for one minute and if I have to spend money from the sale of the house to make my life easier and mum's life the best I can I will, but does that mean that I am not entitled to any support whatsoever from social services.
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    Jan 4, 2006
    Yes you are entitled to support - you shouldnt have to buy a ramp, or hire a bed - the Occupational Therapist and social services should organise those things. I know what we found frustrating was dealing with different departments for different things - so when dad recently had the ramp removed, a different department had to come to remove the accompanying hand rail!!! Goodness knows why.

    Keep phoning - write letters - dont let them off the hook!!
    Love Helen
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    Thats where it gets all complicated

    I Know I was not receiving any help when I gave up my Job & mum sold her house and I look after mum full time , she only got help when she went below they limit that they let you have in saving , Then they help her .

    I don't regret it also .

    But if your mother brought another house with the sell of her property , did not have a lot of saving left , They would do the Ramp and put a walk in shower for your mother, get someone in to wash your mother

    hospital bed forget that , they only give me that if my mother was bedridden in really late stages and still living with me .

    wheelchair took 2 years on waiting list , that I got one for mum myself

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