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Testing testing 123


Registered User
Oct 31, 2014
Mum had been wheezing for a couple of days so I rang the Drs and after four hours we had a Vi do call this was not great,the Dr advise i call 111 as " so sorry surgery now closed" ring 111 and ask for a home visit! After going through the endless check list i was told I would receive a phone call from the out of hours Dr which I did this is now 7.30 on i first rang surgery at 2.pm! "can I speak to your mother" he asks if course you can reply telling him that he won't get far so I pass the phone to mum who tells him about the different coloured cars outside! His response can you bring her to the surgery?no I reply i don't drive,can you get a taxi? no I haven't been out so have no money by now I'm fit to explode ok he says I will pass it to someone else!next phone call from our of hours "we can make an appointment for tomorrow what time suits you?I ask why she can't have a home visit apparently she isn't housebound (really) so the next day my sister and I struggle to get her in the car take her for appointment and the nurse practitioner h could not believe that we had brought her out she was very apologetic and rectified this on her notes that she must have a home visit,the Dr came out yesterday as no improvement and told me to prefer a civic test which arrived today and was impossible to carry out mum was terrified and so I rang the vivid helpline who's advise was to keep trying it phone social care!!!so I have sent the test back which has been bitten, grabbed and thrown on the floor so I wish them good luck with the results and hope they can find a better method!!!! Rant over

nae sporran

Volunteer Host
Oct 29, 2014
I won't type the first words that came to mind, but that is a horrendous experience for your mum, you and your sister @popp. Do you have POA for health and welfare, or is that a daft question. The only thing that might help would be a stern letter to the practice manager and to 111 service explaining what happened to hopefully make sure they are aware enough not to let it happen again, but otherwise I can only offer sympathy and hope the test is negative and your mum is better soon.


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Apr 30, 2019
South East
Shocking ! I’m so sorry you had to go through that shambolic farce . Our Gp wasn’t interested really so put mum down for a home visit which really wasn’t necessary . I agree with @nae sporran , I would be writing a letter to them.