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Mar 12, 2014
My partner had the most horrendous fall in 2005 and fractured his skull (frontal lobe area).He was fighting for his life but thankfully he recovered.Friends and relatives are all asking what's happened to him because there is virtually a constant anxiousness about him. The repetitiveness that goes on telling me the same thing sometimes up to 5/6 times in a short while also the way he has to things in a OCD way if not he becomes more anxious. He suffered from vascular migraines before the accident which although bad he got through now he keeps saying and its getting worse no one understands me I have constant headache. The other thing that he says he describes to me but he calls" Brain rushes " almost like his brain his overloaded.
I moved in with my partner last year on a fulltime basis after my mother died of dementia which at times was very distressing for me because I got no support from her doctor or family. I am terrified of raising the matter with my doctor now of my partner and what I am observing on a daily basis and how it is getting worse. This is a new doctor and I just hope I am doing the right thing raising my concerns my gut is telling "I have to do this".
Any advice from anyone would be so appreciated?


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Jun 8, 2012
Keep a diary of the events that concern you about your partner, it will help you to explain to the GP what is happening and build up a picture of the symptoms and behaviour. Follow your instincts and you won't go far wrong.
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Jul 14, 2006
South Staffordshire
You are right to raise your concerns. You will be helping your partner who sounds as if the problems occurring are upsetting and frightening and getting worse.

It will be better to do it sooner than later and get help for you and your partner.

Good luck,,



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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hi. I agree with Noorza and Jaymor .

My dad had a head injury back in 2009 , causing dementia like symptoms , it was Mum who had severe dementia at the time. Fortunately my dad improved but not fully.

I hope you find the gp understanding and helpful , their are some good ones out there, honest !!


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Dec 30, 2011
Yes, it would be a good idea to tell your GP and get a referral to a neurologist. It is possible the symptoms are caused by his fall and it may well be there is some treatment he can have for the constant anxiety and OCD. Get help as soon as you can.


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Jun 8, 2012
My son has/has had OCD as it is largely under control at the moment, CBT is amazing for this condition but I don't know how it mixes with Alzheimer's or how the conditions and treatment mix. I would see the GP though for sure.

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