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Telephone help please


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Jun 27, 2006
I need to buy a new phone for my mother. Along with all the normal things (e.g. big buttons etc) I was wondering if there is a phone (or an add on) that would only allow calls in based on a predetermined list of numbers. I.e. caller id without her having to make a decision. There are a very limited number of people who should be calling her, but a whole bunch of people who DO call her, and she finds these rather distressing, at least in the short term. Anyway, if it's something important she won't rememeber any way, so I would really like a system that if someone calls from a number that isn't in the list, they are either directed elsewhere, or told to leave a message.

Anyone know of anything like that?



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Jul 5, 2006
Hi Jennifer

The only things I can think of without buying a huge system are BT's Anonymous Call Reject and Choose To Refuse (or something rhyming like that).


Blimey something tells me that link isnt going to work, Im not too sure how to work this Forum!

Anyway you can find the services on BT.com under
Home Phone Services then Calling Features and then Advanced Features.


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Jun 27, 2006
Yes, I've looked at those. Unfortunately, the way they are set up will not work in this situation. Firstly, you can reject calls from numbers that are blocked (so far so good), or from a predetermined number, or the user has to choose whether of not to accept the call. It's the latter problem I want to get around - mummy's not capable of "choosing to refuse". I have seen computer software that does this, and you can get cell phones (U.K. mobiles) in the states that block every number but the ones that are on your list, but I don't think that's available in the UK (or is it?)

Ideally, I'd like a system that redirects the call (either to another number or to an answering system) but I'd live with one where the incoming caller has to enter a code to "get through"


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Feb 17, 2006
so I would really like a system that if someone calls from a number that isn't in the list, they are either directed elsewhere, or told to leave a message.
Sounds Like a very good Idea why not phone BT and ask them if they have that and if not why?

May be of No help just a thought

I was wondering I know it is expensive (£150) but sound worth it why not gets your mother a new phone line put in her home with new number . Do not give the new phone line number to anyone only you know it and close members of the family

the phone line she has already has trun the ringer off so she can’t hear it ring(Or you don’t even need the phone plug in you plug it in when you get to your mother ) Ask for BT answer I think its call that then all call go the Answer machine in the phone box they can be diverted to your mobile or left there for you to check when no one answers .
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Jun 27, 2006
True! I should ask them.

As for the phone number - this is only 9 months old anyway, so I don't think a new number would help much. Turning the ringer off would work, but then I wouldn't be able to get through! Mind you, I may well end up doing that if I can't find a system that will work. At least I could call her care manager and ask her to place a call to me for Mummy.

It just doesn't seem like it should be so hard to do. However, I can see that BT and other telecomm companies have a vested interest in ensuring that most calls do go through - it's how they make their money after all.


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