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Teenage children


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Dec 3, 2003
I am new to this site and it has been helpful and interesting to read about others in similar circumstances. My husband has Alzheimers and developed the illness in his late forties, now five years ago. Our children then were 11,13 and 15. His deterioration had been slow and we have coped in various ways as his needs have changed. One of the most positive moves was to buy a dog who has kept Huw company when I have been at work and provided a focus and routine to his day, even though he now needs a carer with him for most of the time.
I have had tremendous support from friends and family (although all our family live at least 2 hours away). Despite this I have found this slow loss of a partner very stressful , particularly as at this stage in life our children have needed all the usual care and time , decisions and money(!). (I sympathise with the man who shouts at his wife sometimes as I have been there ). Huw has been unable particularly to accept help from our youngest and seems to resent his presence at times. One of his major problems is his inability to speak and understand language. Communicaiton has been a challenge.
The older two are now at university , the eldest has been depressed and needed medication and counselling. She is however doing well but has felt the pressure of being the eldest and felt responsible. It is hard for her to come home each term and see the changes in her father . Fortunately he knows them still but I know that in the next 12 months that may not be the case and realise the children will find that difficult.

I would be interested to hear form anyone with younger children and how they have managed.
Best wishes Nan