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Talking Point's Infraction System

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Oct 2, 2007
Hello everyone

To ensure that Talking Point is as effectively supported and protected as possible, we are introducing a structured ‘Infraction System’, to be used when the forum’s rules are broken.

This new system replaces the existing warning system and is not only clearer but makes use of the features available in the new release of vbulletin software. It will take effect immediately.

What is the Infraction System?

The infraction system is an automated way for moderators and Alzheimer’s Society to issue warnings or bans (infractions) to users who do not follow the terms and conditions of Talking Point.

The system that we will be using is based on ‘yellow cards’, which can culminate in a ban being issued. These are generated by the forum software.

The following may be issued by a moderator or Alzheimer's Society, when Talking Point’s rules are broken:

1. ‘Yellow Card Warning’

This is a friendly reminder of the forum rules. This warning will last for 10 days on the user’s profile. Note that this will only be visible to moderators.

2. First ‘Yellow Card’

If the user contravenes the forum rules again within this 10 day period, they will be issued with their first yellow card. This will last for a further 10 days.

3. Second ‘Yellow Card’ & 1 day ban

If the user further contravenes Talking Point`s rules, during the 10 days, they will be issued with a second yellow card which will result in a 1 day ban.

4. Temporary Ban

If the user seriously contravenes Talking Point’s rules they may be banned until Alzheimer’s Society has been able to review the situation.

Any decision made in relation to an infraction is final. No correspondence will be entered into nor will moderators be obliged to further discuss the reason for the infraction with the user concerned.

I hope this is clear. :)

Best wishes

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