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Mar 22, 2007
My mother is still in fairly early stages of dementia compared to some posters loved ones, it is the broken pelvis and loss of site combines with the memory loss which is causing her to need a nursing home, therefore this may not be much help to some people, but I found today that giving her a cassette player and some talking books has really brightened her up.
she doesnt understand how to work the player, but the staff are in and out all day to change the tapes etc for her. Im not sure how much she actually follows and understands but the human voice talking seems to soothe her a lot.
As the tapes come from the library I just hope she doesnt decide to throw then away! Last week she had thrown her false teeth in the bin! luckily they were retirieved in time.:eek:


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May 14, 2006
My Mum had a small portable television standing on a chest of drawers, which she didn't take much notice of. When I discovered that she could not see very well, after a sight test, I took in her bigger television, which we put nearer to her.
I don't think she follows the programmes, but she does respond to the pictures and often talks about something she has seen on television. I don't think story tapes would work for her though, because she has become quite deaf.
Anything to improve quality of life is worth a try!
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Oct 17, 2006
I've found talking books to be really helpful for my own use. I suffer from depression and I either can't get off to sleep or wake in the early hours and can't get back to sleep. Listening to talking books is like having someone read you a bed time story and I usually drop off quite quickly. I was glad when they started producing them on cd as if I wasn't quite asleep the click of the tape switching off was enough to wake me up again!! Also I find it's better to use a story I know quite well then it doesn't matter how much of the story I miss when I am asleep I still know what's happening. I used to borrow new titles from the library but I got fed up of hearing the same bit of the tape and never got to hear the end of the story!!