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cathy z

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May 23, 2006
my mum has just been diagnosed and has been prescibed Aricept, I have tried little labelled drug containers and ringing her to tell her when to take it but she's still not sure when to take it,she doesnt read my written instructions, but doesn't want me to go to her with it every evening either (she's still independent), help! any ideas gratefully received !


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi cathy, welcome to TP.

This is a hard one for you, as you seem to have covered all the angles.
Perhaps when you ring her in the evening, you could prompt her to take it during the time you are on the phone.

Maybe sometone will come up with a better solution, regards


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Sep 10, 2005
Taking meds

Had the same problem with my mum. However, her drugs are in a dosette box. In theory so she knows which ones to take on which day. Downside is, she doesn't always remember what day it is! Once she started on her Alz drugs, she reluctantly accepted the help of a drop-in carer who pops in for about five minutes at a time to suit mum, in the morning and at tea time.

Mum is also v.independent and last week 'sacked' the p.m. drop-in carer. I posted about this last week as I was so low with it all! However, she didn't seem to remember that she'd done it and I asked them to continue. Couldn't you fix something similar up for your mum, via your social worker? They can review it after a month. If the tabs are helping yr mum remember a little more, then you can say to her that maybe she won't need the carer. I had to 'sell' the service to mum by saying that as well as that as she'd paid her 'stamp' for all those years, she might as well get something back. She seemed quite happy with that (well, till she 'sacked' the carer) ! It's a tricky one; but as of today, the drop-in carers are still going in and I've found it a godsend in terms of peace of mind. Mum also used to tell me she'd taken the tabs when I rang her. Only for me to discover that she'd sometimes missed a couple of days. Speak to your CPN/SW and see if they can help and post back and let us know how you get on. Good Luck


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Feb 24, 2006

I was very surprised the psychiatrist seemed to think it was OK for my mother to look after her own medication, (Aricept prescribed at 2nd memory clinic appt. on the 19th April), it was obvious to me she would forget some days and take too much other days. She remembered the day of the week and date when she had doctor's appts. etc., but not generally.

I do not know if having just started the Aricept was one of the reasons why she died, and we'll never know now.


Linda Mc

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Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
I am at the moment waiting for a medicine dispenser through our reablement team can't remember the name BUT it holds the medication in compartments for throughout the day has a digital clock and lockable lid, so you set the clock and at the right time the medication is released and a beeper goes and does not stop until the medication has been taken.

My problem is sometimes my husband takes it more than once so have to stand over him and now remove the tablets until the next day.

Perhaps you can look on the internet for something similar.



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Feb 24, 2006
The Aricept packet was marked with the days of the week but of course she didn't start them on the right day.

I didn't have overall control over her medication, nor did the carers.

Too late even to think about it now. I'd better write to the psychiatrist, otherwise we are going to get letters about follow-up appointments.



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Mar 27, 2006
Hi Cathy,
My mum has a dosset box but still needs a carer to administer them. She has to pay around £13 a week but it's peace of mind for me to know that someone pops in first thing. She worries about getting up in time for them but I know she can't do it by herself. I did'nt realise the extent of her problems untill she got a dosset box and could'nt cope with it. I wonder how many other people have repeat percriptions but often forget or over dose? :)


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May 3, 2006
finding info regarding medication

Can anyone point me in the right 'web addresses' direction - to find out which medication (such as aricept) is available to those with mild vascular dementia - and what they actually do


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Sep 26, 2005
east sussex

My husband has va/d I have been told there is no drug normaly given but he has been put on Quetiapine to calm his agitation.

Cynron x x