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    Feb 28, 2018
    This is my first post! My sister and I care for our mother who was diagnosed with mixed dementia (vascular dementia with Alzheimer’s) 4 years ago. We have managed so far to keep her in her own home. Our father sadly passed away 2 years ago so mum who is 86 lives alone although we are with her everyday and our brother now stays with her overnight Mon-Fri. We have witnessed her decline but continue to do our best for her. She is on a number of meds for her dementia and high blood pressure which she has taken for some time. However, recently she is refusing to take the tablets and can get very nasty etc when we try and persuade her. She has no insight into her health conditions. Has anyone else had this issue and have any tips to suggest?
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    Hello @Blended, welcome to posting on the forum. I hope you find this to be a friendly and supportive place.

    This problem is common enough so it may be worth talking to the GP as liquid or patch versions of some meds are available and they may be easier to manage.
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    I know some people put meds in food or liquids to disguise them so that is also something to consider. There may be an ethical aspect to this and the particular aspects of each individual case have to be considered in relation to that to enable a decision that you will be happy with.
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    hello @Blended
    a warm welcome from me too
    I agree with having a chat with her GP/consultant to check whether the meds are available in another form - and talk with the pharmacist who supplies them - also ask what the situation is if your mother doesn't take one dose, can you skip that dose, double up next time or just give the same dosage etc
    and ask if there are any reasons not to give covertly - some meds are slow release and best not crushed or chewed
    there certainly were times when I hid dad's pills in cake or yogurt as I felt it was better to take the pill in a less than ideal way rather than not take it at all
    I also would not talk with dad about taking his pills, just offer them assuming he would take them (I didn't ask, a question would generally get a no in response) - if he refused or wouldn't co-operate or started to argue or ask why, I just said that's fine, or said nothing, and took them away - then I tried again later as though it was the first time, calmly and with a smile saying it was time for his pills - sometimes I had several attempts with quite some time between - I even brought a coffee and his favourite chocolate biscuit and said he might just pop in a pill with a sip of coffee - and a couple of times waited until he was in a different room - it wasn't worth creating any negativity as he held onto the feeling and it just built up his resistance

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