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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
A new inovation in our area is the SWOP worker,"Support worker for older people"
There are funded by the local PCT ,and they are a NHS employee.
I am not aware if they operate anywhere else in the country.
Wec have had 2 visits so far and at least it makes one feel that there is some there who could give some advice and help.
Unlike Social services and Health.
Our SWOP worker has now joined with me in our lengthy battle with SS.


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Mar 13, 2004
Dear Norman

I'm not sure if this is the same thing or not but I saw an advert on tv in Northern Ireland yesterday. It was volunteers whom will phone the elderly person at an agreed time regularly to make sure they are ok. They will also call to visit at an arranged time regularly just to check all is well, if they do not get a reply from the phone or the door they will contact the name the elderly person has given in case of emergency.

I thought it was a brilliant idea.


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi all, this sounds very interesting, wonder if it is just your area Norm or nationwide? I would love to be able to get someone do that for my aunt. Love She. XX