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Hi everyone!

I am Claire Carlin the Events Officer for the Alzheimer's Society.

The Runners Room was created so that runners (and other event participants) could get online and chat, swap training tips, running plans, nutrition advice or fundraising ideas.

If you are interested in running, are taking part in an event for the Society or have a question you’d like answered then why not start a discussion?

I hope that you will find this a very useful resource.

Best wishes


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Jul 26, 2003

Let's hope the discussion group takes off because I had a lonely time training for this years London Marathon. It will be nice to get some advice from people who find it a struggle instead of just reading advice from expert runners in magazines.
Received application for 2004 yesterday so I am starting to train now in the hope of getting in & running for Alzheimers.


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Jul 6, 2004
Trek the Inca trail in Peru

I would be interested in hearing from anybody who has had experience in the above type of event.
My Mother and Sister are participating in the "Trek the Inca trail in Peru" between 17 - 26 May 2005.
I am co-ordinating the majority of the fund raising for this (Mum says she wishes she could do more but then I remind here how much effort is required to do the trek).
My Father was diagnosed with Dementia with Lewy Bodies in 1999 (a year before he was due to retire), and is currently in full-time nursing care. He provided us with so much in life, and his has been cut short (so to speak) - and I think that is one of the devastating things about this disease.
I would also be grateful if anyone would be able to donate prizes for a raffle (to be held at a the main fund raising event - a Gala Ball). Please contact me for further details.
The last Ball I was at had things like signed rugby/football shirts etc. If you know anyone who plays for a team OR could help in anyway, please get in touch.
ALL help would be great.

Steve Thompson

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Oct 29, 2004
Just posted a thread and have read your comments.

I am new to running and found the biggest problem was boredom when I first started running! I bought a great mini radio, fantastic reception, and doesnt get in the way, I can run for an hour and the time flies by!1
Just be careful when crossing roads, as you cant hear the cars etc!!
Good luck


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Jun 4, 2005
dorset, uk
Childrens Book

Hi Claire and all,
Please forgive me for posting this twice (on another thread) but I thought I may get more feedback if it is posted on two relevant boards.

My father is in full time nursing care with vascular dementia. He has declined from being confused but aware, to not even knowing me and my mother in one year.
I feel that there is nothing I can do but raise money for the research and care for this cruel cruel disease.
I have therefore written a childrens book called "I want a grandad like that" fully illustrated for under 10's in the hope that it will help those that have grandparents or parents with dementia understand why they are different.
(inspired by Muhammed Ali's daughter who has written one for children about Parkinsons disease, and my 11 year old daughter who nagged me to do it)

I would like to get it published and put the sales towards the dementia charities but have no idea where to start. I hope you can guide me in the right direction please.

Best regards
Publishing your book

Hi Rowan21
How amazing of you to have written a book, sounds fantastic.
I have been asking around at head office about publishers for the book.
The only advice that we can offer is that somebody recently wrote a book called 'Message to a Grandchild' which had a similar theme it sounds to your book, whereby a young boy wrote a book about his grandfather who had dementia. This book has been published, the publishers are 'Sidgwick & Jackson'. They could be a good start for you?
Also, there is a book called '2005 Artists and Writers yearbook' which lists publishers. Could be worth looking at?
If you like, I can get the contact details of the other author for you so you can talk to him and see how he started the ball rolling. Please contact me on 020 7306 0606 at National Office in London.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards,
Anna Francis
Events team


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Mar 17, 2005
furness, Cumbria
Alzheimer's Trek to Iceland

Hi anyon who's interested!
I've registered to do the Alzheimer's trek to Iceland in July 2006. I'm going on my own (my husband has hip problems and feels the walking would be too much) so I'd love to hear from anyone else who is going on the same trek - just so I know someone before we go. I've not started fund-raising yet - that's the next item on my agenda!
A bit about me. I work for the Society - branch manager of Furness Branch in Cumbria and have always wanted to go to Iceland. My mother in law had vascular dementia and my great aunt has vascular dementia. I have not been a primary carer but am quite involved in supporting my mum who cares for my great aunt.
Do hope there's someone who's going on same trek!
Lesley T