swallowing reflex


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Jul 31, 2004
when i went to visit my gran today a member of staff was giving another resident a drink who appeared to have no swallow reflex as i work with disabled childrenit made me think are investigations as to where the liquid is going i have worked with lots of children who are nil by mouth due to asphixiation the resident was making the same noise a lot of my children used to make before nil by mouth. My gran is not yet a that stage but it would worry me if staff were just pouring drink down her throat.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
I have certainly seen a care home resident being fed a drink where the liquid was going the wrong way down. He spent ages after coughing and spluttering.

The worrying thing was that the drink was administered by nursing staff who should have spotted what was going on, rather than by normal care staff, who might not have [but in my opinion should be able to spot this as well]

Another nightmare for us to be concerned about.


Dear Nikita

Keep your ears, eyes open and your wits about you each time you visit. And, given your own professional experience, if you feel something is amiss have a quiet word with the manager of the home. However, my advice would be to tread carefully; there are many tales on here of people being ostracised/treated with hostility because they dared to criticise care home staff! They're beyond reproach, regardless, don't ya know! Many staff are marvellous and kind but there are some...............true in all walks of life. A good home will want to know and resolve any problems.

You'll know the right thing to do if you are seriously concerned should this continue.

Best wishes