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Supporting the career my grandfather - Advice & information sources?


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Jun 4, 2015
My granny has been showing signs of dementia we are waiting for a confirmation of diagnose, however it appears to be very clear. She had a fall in January and since that point it has been a struggle with appetite, depression, memory. My grandparents have always been very independent, they have been married 60 years, they are the rocks of our family. My granny lives with my grandfather, and we have a great family network to support, they are in Scotland round the corner from my uncle which is an absolute god send, we are in England and my aunty is in Ireland, and my mum, aunty and I have managed to be there on rotation to support I'd say at a minimum twice a month. We have been expecting to 'get back to normal', my granny used to go swimming every morning, however my granny just has no motivation for life. My papa is frustrated, he is also a huge worrier always has been, naturally it is having a big toll on him.

I am looking for advice not as the direct career but how do you support the career in what I see as a transition. At the moment everything has been black skies for the past 6 months how do we bring some sunshine back in which isn't just today has been a 'good day'? What is helpful? What approach? Any good supporting materials available?

Thank you


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Apr 24, 2013
If they are in Scotland then Alzheimer's Scotland has a substantial network of groups from which they would get a lot of support and companionship eg football memories groups for men, singing for the brain groups for all, bowling groups, film days, walking events etc. They also have day centres as does each local authority.

The important thing is to get the local carers centre on board so they can advise about Attendance allowance, council tax rebates, availability of help for your grandfather in caring etc.

I am not going to pretend that it is always easy to access the services you want but you have to get in there and make contact as this illness does not get any better.