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Support groups in Kent


New member
May 7, 2021
Hi everyone, My makes Mike and last year my Dad, aged 60 was diagnosed with early onset dementia. As you can imagine, this shattered our world and unfortunately the decline in Dads health has been rapid. He now receives full time care in a home in Kent.

Having cared for dementia patients in the past, I was confident in my ability to deal with the journey that we were all going to be taken on but have found myself struggling beyond imagination. I started to google and look for groups in Kent for the people of a parent who has been diagnosed with early onset. With no luck, I contacted the Alzheimer’s society and spoke to a lady called Emma who told me that she was unable to find anything in the local area also.

Does anyone know of any support groups or people that I could be put in contact with please?
Thank you so much, Mike.


Volunteer Moderator
Aug 31, 2003
Hi there and welcome to the forum.

I’ve no personal knowledge of local groups but I wondered if you would find anything through this link -

I’m glad you found this forum - you’ll get lots of help and support here.