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Sundowning or Infection ??


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Sep 13, 2014
Hi All

I hope you can help. Over the last few days my dad has started to get really restless at about 3pm. He can't stop looking at his watch, can't settle and then starts to say he is off out home or town or some place he can't tell us. A few days before this it was saying that he was off to bed and this usually started at about 3pm as well.

Monday to Friday he goes to luncheon clubs and this restlessness seems to start about an hour after he gets home. He also becomes very confused, rambling and gets annoyed with himself because he can't find the words he is looking for.

As I say this ha been going on for a week now. Is this the start of sundowning (or is 3pm to early for that) or do do you think it could the signs of yet another infection.

Has anybody had any experience??

Many Thanks

L xx


Registered User
May 18, 2014
It sounds very similar to my mum's sundowning behaviour. In 18 months mum has only had one UTI and the agitation and anxiety went on and on, didn't stop at bedtime. No harm in getting a urine sample to be tested.


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Apr 24, 2013
This restlessness and getting ready to go out is a permanent feature with my husband. It wears me down because he gets lost each time he goes out on his own so I have to accompany him. Social services have told me he is too high risk to give me more day care or other help and so the process has begun for access to a care home. No one person can cope with this 24 hour supervision.

I hope yours turns out to be a temporary issue.


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Sep 13, 2014
I really hope it's temporary as I'm struggling to find ways to distract him. He was hospitalised for a week about 3 weeks ago with an infection and to be honest he's not really been the same since. Slightly more confused etc.

Does this sound like sundowning then ? Any tips on how to deal with it ?

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