Suggestions welcome....


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Dec 5, 2003
Hi everyone,

I realise I should be cautious when entering the area of research as many people feel very strongly about it.

I am currently studying for a psychology degree, and , as part of my current course, we have to carry out some research into an area of our choice. I have decided to look at Alzheimers (as it's of particular interest to me with my Nan obviously). One idea that I have discussed with my tutor is that of what the caregiver perceives to be the biggest burden of caregiving - via interviews etc. Does anyone else have any ideas that they think would be interesting to look at in this area, as it's something that I really enjoy researching. Any suggestions would be welcome. I realise I probably should have posted this in the research forum but I feel that many users of this site may not view the forum frequently, so apologies if the post upsets anyone.