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Suggestions regarding my mom's dementia care


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Jan 30, 2015
I’m doing my arts degree at London Art College. I’m concerned about my mom who is living in US. She is having dementia (Lewy Bodies) and it’s her 10th month after detection. Dementia is progressing and my elder sister is taking care of her. Now, the problem is that my sister is pregnant and is into her second trimester and I’m worried for both my sister and my mom. Sister needs to take good rest and won’t be able to take care of mom. I’m thinking of admitting mom to an Alzheimer’s and Dementia care facility, Prestige Care (Arizona), which is near to my sister’s place. I thought this to be a good idea because mom will get complete care she needs during this period and sister need not have to worry about mom every min. Is there any other options? I would appreciate if someone shares a better option.


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May 21, 2014
Hi Pauline and welcome to TP. As this is a UK-based forum and most of our members will not be familiar with the U.S. care system, you might have to wait until our US members are around. Good luck in anything you decide.