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Sep 5, 2011
Thank you jeany123, very useful information. I will have a look. Hubby loves biscuits so thanks again.

Also thanks Essie. Glad I posted the subject of sugar and pleased with the response and help. I will look up the link you have give in a mo.

Reds x

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
Avoiding processed foods as much as possible (which can be very difficult) and reading the labels are invaluable. Just reading the labels helps a lot.

My downfall is that I have a very sweet tooth - in fact, all my teeth are sweet teeth :eek: - so I will get cravings. I crave the worst possible sugar - candy - gum drops, jelly beans, jujubes - anything with absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever.


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Jul 13, 2014
Swapping sugar for sweeteners in tea and some baking can help lower sugar intake plus diet fizzy drinks. I agree go for full fat yogurt etc they have much less sugar than low fat versions. Natural sugar in fruit is not considered to be such a worry, it is all the unnatural added sugars that we should all be keeping an eye on. I have seen an enormous change in mum's tastebuds now with dementia ... we used to eat grapefruit, gooseberries, rhubarb and now strawberries have to be covered in sugar, apples are too sour etc. A nice cereal is porridge with a mashed banana stirred in, tastes very sweet but nothing artificial added. Sugar free jelly with some fruit is an idea for dessert.

exhausted 2015

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Jul 5, 2015
stoke on trent
Hi all

Does anyone have any experience of who they care for having too much sugar. My husband's behaviour is challenging and first diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He has a sweet tooth and prob surprising what sugar he has as even in orange juice, cereal bars, likes quite a bit of sugar on his cereal and puts extra in his tea when he makes it. Likes tomato sauce which obs has sugar as well as baked beans and likes cake, biscuits and chocolate bars. At one time hubby wasn't eating enough so was glad he would eat anything but now wondering if sugar content might make him seem more hyper at times.

Any advice or news of experiences appreciated.

Reds x
Hi sorry can't offer any advice but can tell you that my dad is the same for sugar and anything sweet even when I attend to him during the night he is eating a toffee I have often wondered if there is a connection with the illness
Best wishes xx


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Sep 5, 2011
Canadian Jones you have made me smile thinking about all the sweets you enjoy :)

Leswi and exhausted 2015 - Thank you very much for your suggestions x

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