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Mar 4, 2013
Auckland...... New Zealand
I know eating sweet things is common in someone with Dementia, and Mum with AD & Dad with cognitive impairment could eat desserts, cakes and sweets till the cows come home, but my problem is Dad.
Dad is pre diabetic. He has blood tests every 6 mths.

He goes through a 500gram bag of brown sugar in a week more or less and a 500gram bag of white sugar every two weeks.
My sister and I think hes drinking excessive cups of coffee and tea a day and has 2 heaped tspns of brown sugar in his coffee. Probably about 10-12 tspns a day which cannot be good! Plus all the other sugar laden goodies.
Any comments on Dad cutting down are scoffed at, because he equates weight gain only with what hes eating, and his weight is the same. Trying to get him to change to a low cal type of sugar is also scoffed at.

I suppose the only lesson here will be if his next blood test shows an increase, or should I tell his GP anyway?
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