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Sugar in her coffee


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Feb 11, 2019
Well typical isn’t it sometimes. I spent all afternoon worrying, meanwhile Mum had been making chocolate crisp rice cakes on a one to one.
unfortunately the interim manager has ended his contract early as he is ill @Sarasa. !!!!!! However the customer relations manager emailed yesterday asking relatives to leave a review on carehome.co.uk. I told her exactly why I would not - emphasising that there is no management/leadership and that issues like yesterday were a consequence. I asked her to liaise with the appropriate people as I would like a reply.
yes I agree with you too @jennifer1967 - I am concerned that an incident is waiting to happen due to the lack of procedural knowledge by the agency staff with no full time staff to support them on some occasions.
No the Dr has not been out as far as I am aware @DesperateofDevon

I did go in today. I just wanted to see if Mum was ok. No sign of any managers or nurse and to be honest I didn’t want to ‘eat’ into my time with Mum and there was no suitable person around when I had to leave.
The ‘jack of all trades’ lady showed me the photos she had taken of Mum making the cakes and told me that Mum had been really engaged although no smiles in the photos. I went up to the 2nd floor and Mum was walking up the corridor towards the entrance doors (which is by the lounge). When she saw me she just gave me a hug and cried. So I hugged her back and let her cry. I couldn’t understand what was wrong though. We headed into the lounge and looked through a magazine and she settled again and was quite chatty about the pictures in the magazine.
I suggested we should go for a walk in the garden as it was sunny and Mum agreed so of I went to her room to get her coat and stick. She was adamant I was putting her coat on her hair wrong, promptly took her arm out of the one sleeve I had put it in, and then put it on like a smock. Fortunately one of the Carers managed to put it on her correctly with more efficiency than me.
We headed into the lift and she nearly fainted again but not quite. She was however quite unsteady on her feet. We managed to get into the garden patio area and Mum sat down on one of the comfy seats outside. Jack of all trade lady saw this and brought some tea out. I was glad she had witnessed it. Mum was crying again saying she wanted to see her Mum and Dad and why didn’t they visit her and then saying she should have been on the coach for the church outing. I said her trip was tomorrow so she hadn’t missed it. Once she calmed a little I tried a bit of distraction.
the activities lady who has left, had left some plants in pots out in the garden which are dying as they need planting out properly. As Mum was a keen gardener I thought it was worth a go so I suggested we sorted them into the ones that might survive if we gave them a good water. She half engaged with me but got angry if I went out of sight behind her even for a moment. I used my water bottle and got Mum to help me water some of them. Jack of all trades lady said she will help Mum to water them next week when I am away so we can plant them in the garden when I get back.
We went back upstairs and into the lounge and one of the bank Carers successfully distracted Mum as I left.
Yep I know I have to follow up on all of this but today was not the day.


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Mar 15, 2020
sometimes its better to spend time with your mum than getting a response that you were unlikely to get. i wonder if its her blood pressure dropping very low when she gets up. maybe your mums not feeling well which is leading to crying and missing her mum and dad.im just thinking thats all


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Apr 13, 2018
I think I'd be very tempted to leave a very truthful review of the home @Bikerbeth. There is obviously something a bit awry in the ethos of the place if it is making so many staff ill and unhappy.


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Jul 7, 2019
I think you could be right @jennifer1967. She was close to her Mum and Dad and that is who she should would want when she is unhappy and scared.
My mum asks for her daddy , believes she is a young child & WW2 is on.
I gave my mum a huge panda from IKEA & that brings great comfort especially as she no longer recognises us anymore

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