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Sudden decline in mental state


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Sep 30, 2015
Hi there
I'm new to this so forgive me if I get it all wrong!
My mother has fairly recently been diagnosed with dementia. She lives independently with support from careers and myself but I live 45mins away.
For the last week or so I have been getting calls from her up to 15 times a day - she is terribly anxious and worried she has lost her handbag. She cannot remember my reassurances and so the cycle repeats itself. I am struggling with this. I work as a Pilates teacher, and to receive constant distressing calls from mum all day is proving to be extremely trying.
I'm sure there are many of you out there that have been through this. I would love some advice on how best to manage it and some tips on how I can help mum remember


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Aug 30, 2013
Get her to the GP, to be checked for an infection.
These can cause all sorts of strange reactions.



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Jan 23, 2015
Could be that she needs vitamin B12 tablets or injections or something else.
Take her to drs and ask for blood test, bran scan for so drs can see what's going on.