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Sudden cognitive decline at young age


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Jan 7, 2015
Hello everybody,

I am new here. I am 29. In January 2014 I suffered from sudden cognitive decline. It happened after I withdrew one dietary supplement. The cognitive decline was felt within days, especially short-term memory. Then it was worsening slowlier, but till now significantly. Already in the middle of February 2014, so quite soon, I wasnt able to read normally, I didnt remember what I read a while ago, my thinking was far from what it was before, my concentration also wasnt good, I had to quit the job. Till now the decline is huge, I have problems with basic things which once I did very quickly, now I can manage just a few things during the day. I dont want to describe it for too long, but I have some questions.

In June 2014 I had a magnetic resonance, but for different reason, for some movement problems. The MR was ok. I want to ask if all MRs are the same, so if I had an MR and somebody else had an MR they show the same things, or are there any differences among MRs? I would like to know if the thing that MR was ok, although it was done for different reason, can exclude all of the neurological possiblities for the cognitive decline, or what it can do?

I would also like to ask what examinations should be needed in my case. I will hopefully see another neurologist next week and I would like to understand her.
I can provide more information about my state, but at least for beginning I wanted to ask these questions.

Thank you very much