Such a special time


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Sep 19, 2007
I wouldn't have missed the last few days with my laddo for all the world. Medication free he is the person I married some 26 years ago albeit a little more delirious and not quite so with it. (I think perhaps pneumonia is setting in). But his demeanour is great, he is witty and just plain funny and yes, I have been swatting imaginary flies and shooing army battalions out of his bedroom but I don't care. I have loved every minute and will be applying to RADA next week. I have a baby monitor connecting his room with the kitchen and sometimes I hear him chuckling to himself. And then there has been his singing which, he assures me was him putting music to the weather forecast and singing the words in Indian! Just don't ask - and yes he is white British with not a hint of having ever learned a foreign language!! Of course things are going to get very bad soon and he has no true idea of what is wrong with him but, for the moment, he is pain free despite being breathless with any movement. I have kept a log of all the things he has been doing over the last few days and all the daft things he has said which he knew would make me laugh out loud - some happy memories to look back on.

Love from sammyb


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Sammy, that is a wonderful post!:)

How lovely that you have these special moments to store in your memory bank.



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Mar 7, 2004
Sammy, just logged in for today and read your post.

I am printing it out as I type this, and I will stick it on the wall by the computer. You are one special lady, and I thank you for keepig us up to date with your situation.

Love n'hugs.


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Jul 16, 2008
You've cracked it!!!!

We think you may have cracked it, sammyb!

Apart from you being able to say that you wouldn’t have missed the last few days with your laddo, you have also added the medication-free bit that we are all asking about! You are going with laddo’s flow, encouraging, agreeing, consenting, not confronting, not arguing, not disagreeing, not demanding of laddo, but just doing the fly-swatting and army-battalion-shooting, and coping with his and your newly-acquired language skills!! Who knows, tomorrow you may learn to speak Swedish! With or without the weather forecasting talents.

What more could be asked of you? You are so encouraging, to each and every one of us. Positively joyous to read of your abilities to handle this all.

You have formed, in our minds, an image of your laddo for us all to connect with. A happy laddo, enjoying watching you fly-swatting and army-battalion-shooting.


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Sep 19, 2007
I have just been into my laddo. I am going to 'sleep' in his room tonight. (I've only had 5 and a quarter hours sleep in the last 96 hours and laddo little more!) 3 settee cushions on the floor for me I am afraid. No room for anything else amidst the medical parapheranlia he has in there. It'll be a tight squeeze - particularly as the dog has just gone to sleep on my 3 settee cushions! I am very concerned about my laddo tonight. He has gone quiet and isn't so restless as earlier today. He is sweating big time but feels cold. I think I know why. I asked if he wanted a nurse or doctor to come and back came the ever emphatic 'NO'. I asked how he felt. 'I haven't felt well for over a year, you know' he said 'but I am happy now'. So I write this crying buckets. May it please God that he justs slips away and doesn't need to have the 'end' medication duly stored in my fridge.

love from sammyb


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Apr 15, 2007
Dear Sammy,

God Bless you for having the willingness and courage to bring it all together for your laddo.

Peaceful times and caring thoughts,

Love and admiration