Successful Visit


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Jan 20, 2008
You may recall me being in a dither a couple of weeks ago. Trying to decide whether to take mum (who is in residential care) to visit my dad who still lives in their old home, or not.

Well - today I decided - yes, I would take mum home for a visit. The care home staff were very reassuring, so we set off on the 15minute drive home. Mum was very calm and even recognised some local landmarks. She chatted away and I was very pleased to hear that she very much liked a new lady called Betty who had just arrived at the home.

The visit went wonderfully well. Dad is physically very frail and mum enjoyed sharing a cup of tea with him and even washed up. The visit lasted about two hours, about 40 minutes of which they spent on their own while I did some shopping. When the time came to go back to the Home, mum had a few tears, but as we drove along in the car she soon cheered up. She even acknowledged that caring for dad now would be very hard work.

She took a tin of chocolate biscuits back with her to share with everybody and quite happily kissed me goodbye and went off for her tea.

I don't kid myself that it will always be like that - we've already been through some traumas - but for today, it was really nice. :):)


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Mar 27, 2008
Hi BettyL

I haven't posted for a while but I was so pleased for you that I couldn't resist. I am so glad that you had that special time.

Very best wishes