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Subtle changes


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Feb 17, 2012
Things are gradually changing again. I've been trying not to pay too much attention but really that's not the best attitude I know.
Definitely since the episode at the weekend which ended in dad being diagnosed with gout there has been a subtle difference in his behaviour, if not since before then. Monday night he had another episode of sundowning, something he hasn't done since he went on Aricept four months ago. Two hours after going to bed he was up, getting ready for breakfast. He seems more anxious, obsessing over things. He had day care the following day on that occasion and I think he was getting ready to go. There's a lot more questions about what day is it, does he have to do anything today, what time does he have to do it. Then when something does happen he needs three days to prepare! He seems less aware of where he is. One night recently he asked me if we were in the same place we were in the night before. He's less aware that I live with him too.
I was trying to put it down to the confusion at the weekend and hoping he'd settle down again, but it's just like he's slipping back to the way he was before the meds, albeit more accepting of things. I know it was expected, but it seems like no time at all.
Also I don't seem to be getting anything from the social worker. He promised me last time he visited to look into the possibility of respite but, like previous times, I haven't heard a thing from him since then. I never heard anything after I handed in my carer's assessment either. The day care centre dad goes to has a care home attached and does respite, and are quite happy to book him in, but without hearing from the social worker I don't know how!


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Jun 29, 2009
Hi JMU, I am sorry that your Dad has experienced sundowning again. I do remember how stressful this was when you are probably already tired at the end of the day. Have you contacted your Dad's GP, just to check there is no infection? It might be worth it just in case.

With regard to the respite, I would contact your social worker and remind him, don't just wait for him to call you. We found that these things do sometimes have to go panels etc and it can take some time, but there is no harm in chasing things up.

With very best wishes to you both. x

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello JMU

It does sound as if your father`s confusion is increasing and only time will tell whether it`s because of recent events or a permanent downturn.

I agree with Christine. You do need to remind SS if you feel you might have been forgotten. At least you might be told a reason for the delay.


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Sep 17, 2012
Fife, Scotland
Hello JMU
Definitely since the episode at the weekend which ended in dad being diagnosed with gout there has been a subtle difference in his behaviour, if not since before then.
If you have time you might want to look at this

http://www.alzscot.org/downloads/IS38pain in dementia.pdf

I expect AS will have one similar but this was quicker for me to find.
My father has recurring gout and lots of other pain issues which can really knock him sideways and he can't always tell me what's sore. Might be worth involving GP to look at pain management. Dad is on a low maintenance dose rather than giving as necessary.
Hope this helps