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Student Writer seeks Interview


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Nov 26, 2006
Hi my name is Eva and I am a student of London School of Journalism. One of my assigments I am doing on Alzheimers and would really love the oppurtunity to talk to someone who has/is on the receiving end of someone with Alzheimers, to express the life changing impace it has.
My reason for choosing this subject is that from seeing a friend go through it with her mother I really want to learn more about it and bring awareness of it through someones experience. Since it is a student piece it would not be published, so remains private in that manner. I do deeply feel that with any of my writing I msut believe in it and I truly want to convey as best I can hwo it must be to be on the other side of Alzheimers. If anyone would be comfortable in talking to me I would be most delighted.

Thank you

Take care


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Aug 3, 2006
Talk to me

Hi Eva, I am willing to talk to anyone who will listen, and I consider it a nice change from the lack of intrest shown by the NHS. After 11 years of caring for my wife one of which I found myself doing while she was in a NH from which I removed her in early 2003. I might add it was just in time for shortly after she was expected to die at least on three occasions. Presently I look after her on my own 24/7 and have done for a number of years. It now appears resources are very short that the Community Nursing Assistant has stopped her monthly visits (to have a chat) from Sept. Please do not misunderstand me I'm happy caring for her in spite of her inability to move any part of her body and her lack of speech. It would be a shame not to share the information I've gained and am still so doing.
You have my good wishes in your endevour and God bless. Padraig.