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Mar 27, 2006
Hi all no gigs this weekend so me and the family are pretty much stuck in. Funds have run out till next week. Im at my wits end today and with all the money ive got to shell out in April im probably not gona be able to go and see mum. Im feeling ever so low again today. Just wish i could get another job id give my left arm to take my family out this weekend but it aint gonna happen, Roll on bed time.


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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Hi Mark - another 'special time' when we're all supposed to be playing 'happy families', huh? And lots of us in lots of different circumstances - because of money restraints, because of illness or allsorts of other combinations of factors feel we're somehow 'missing out'......

Not sure how old your kids are - but as you're so young yourself my bet is they'll be happy doing whatever as long as they have some good times with you ..... we have a great weather forecast for the weekend - you're obviously a very creative person ..... whether you're near the glorious Derbyshire countryside - or just near a local park ...... why not pack up some 'jam butties' and a couple of sketch pads .... just try to enjoy each others' company ... perhaps come up with some 'masterpieces' that you can look forward to taking with you next time you are able to visit mum ....?

Expensive days out fade quicker than photos ... memories of simple, but special times together with people we love never do .....

C'mon, you're the creative one ..... start making the memories ......

Love, Karen, x


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Aug 9, 2005
Expensive days out fade quicker than photos ... memories of simple, but special times together with people we love never do .....

Hi Mark,
As a fellow sufferer of depression, I know my suggestion may not be easy to follow, but thought I'd suggest it anyway. . . .

Working with children is my area, and this idea has always resulted in good outcomes.

Allocate each child a set amount of time (1/2 hour to one hour is enough.) Then tell them you will play anything at all that they choose in this time. Set up some guidelines: no money is spent; no-one does anything dangerous or hurtful; and anything else you might need to say.

Even adolescent children are delighted by this, altho' you can expect rolled eyes and "b-o-r-i-n-g!!!" from them (after all, they must look cool, no matter what!!).

If they need some ideas, ideas could include:
suggest making something from Lego or other building sets
playing board or card games
drawing together [do you remember the old game where you draw a head and fold it over so only the edge appears? The next person draws a body, then folds it over; the last person (or first again) draws the legs?? Such a simple activity but loads of fun!]
music making or playing
drama activities - do your kids know how to play Charades?
going for a nature walk together (it is Spring now in the UK, am I right?)
reading together - you read a page, s/he reads a page - or for younger children, you read and they listen.

Kids absolutely LOVE uninterrupted time with a parent - and it is a treat we can so rarely offer them. My children (now in their thirties) still have fond memories of what we called "Family Fun Time".

May your Easter weekend be calm and a time to gather your strength. Every best wish from Nell.