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Feb 4, 2024
I’m struggling.. I am an only child.. ( 61 now)my mum and I were so close.. she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2018.. and is rapidly going down hill now.. my dad is her main caregiver as I live an an hour and half away.. I have three grown children and grandchildren..2 of my children suffer with anxiety and I just can’t get any support


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Mar 25, 2016
Hello Julie @Jules6862 and welcome to the forum but sorry to hear about your mum and how you are struggling with the situation. In terms of support for your parents, have they had a care needs assessment from the local authority adult social services? If not then it's worth contacting social services to request an assessment to see what help and support is available for them, details of this process are in the link below. The Admiral nurses are also a good source of support for families and will be able to talk things through and let you know about other local support available, and this forum is a really friendly and supportive place too. People here understand and are happy to share their experiences and help others if they can, you won't be alone here.



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Aug 24, 2013
Louise has given you the best advise but we're all here to read and care. Have a good old moan if you like I think you'll find us a sympathetic bunch, we all have days like that. K