Stroppy grandmother update


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Feb 19, 2006
Update on my grandmother, my mother has found a new agency who are going to provide care at lunch time and at tea time. My mother had been giving my grandmother tea, but is finding it hard to deal with her everyday my mother is 67and still works full time!!
The agency has also contacted Social Services to arrange an assessment asap. After so much indecision, my mother feels that hopefully things will get sorted, she is trying so hard to do the right thing by her mother, but, I think feels that she can't let her go into a home. She did not like what she saw when she visited one recently and I think that she is just not ready to see her own mother in that situation.
I love my mother and my grandmother a great deal and although its not the politically correct thing to say I so wish that my grandmother would pass on peacefully one night...
I feel so bad saying that, but want to ease the pressure on my MUMMY, and from 100 miles away and with three young children of my own that is nigh on impossible. Rant over....Well thats a big load off my chest....:rolleyes: