Stressed about sorting mothers house.

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
@CWR although siblings can be a huge pain, I was very lucky in that my sister and I were in agreement about nearly everything to do with Mum's care. This was with my sister being 350 miles away. I would update her, and ask her opinion. She would give me her opinion but then say "You're there - you do what you think is best". It would have been so, so much harder had I had to do everything alone.

@MaNaK I'm sorry to hear your younger brother is so remote regarding all you have to do. But you must simply let him know and then go on.
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Jun 19, 2016
Yes I will do but I will give myself breathing space as well. The email I sent was really an update after all he doesn't seem to be concerned about how far my other brother has got with probate. I must that despite all this when I do the clearing it is quite refreshing because all I feel very sad dealing with memories it lovely creating space. Also I feel I am starting to move on a bit I would like to think that when we finally sorted out the house I could have some relationship with my brothers. However it's a struggle when after all the love I thought I had shown the family I am told that my behaviour is abominable and that's why I sometimes need a break from it.

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