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Feb 17, 2006
My mother seem to be going from strength to strength .

I told my mother last night that she going to day-center tomorrow so she have to have a nice bath , wash her hair look all nice .

My mother does not like having a bath because she has to go upstairs where the bath room is , she getting to frail and is scared

This morning my mother call me like usually from downstairs , next thing i know i can hear foot step walking upstairs or downstairs , it must be my daughter going downstairs , I 'm half asleep anyway from waking up , next min mum at my bedroom door asking me what time is it , I say they is no time your know the time when the carer arrives to help me wash you (or bath you )

where did my mother find this determination and inner strength to clime those stirs is all I can think about , as I tell her to sit in my bed while I go downstairs , to make myself a coffee to wake up , while the next moment she walking back down those stirs , then back up angina when carer arrives .

after bath she go into my bedroom with carer misses my bed and falls on the floor , because dog on my bed & she was telling dog to get of my bed , she trying so hard to till the things she use to , carer tell me

I told my mother that she drain the living day lights out of me , while she go from strength to strength.

she like those story you read about , when the man or woman see they child under a car & some how fines the inner strength to life that car up , my mother must of mantra on what I said last night about ( looking nice for day-center ) the thought gave her the energy , courage and straight to claim those stirs . Just amazing what my mother can do even thought she AZ , when she puts her mind to it.

but still I really have to be careful in what I say to my mother as one day she may fall down those stirs , thinking she can still do them

I am so looking forward to my respite on the 29th, .
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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Margarita, your mother is one determined lady.

Like mother like daughter ?? :)

Careful, you might need to buy a stairgate. ;)

With love


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Aug 9, 2005
Dear Maggie,
What an amazing woman your Mum must be!! Imagine having the strength of will to climb those stairs, without help! I think one of the most exhausting things about this illness is that you can never predict what is coming next - good or bad!!

Hang in there for your respite - not so long to go now. And make sure you plan some really good "Maggie" time for yourself whilst your Mum is inrespite. It has been very tough for you lately - you need a chance to renew your energies.

Thinking of you.


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Feb 17, 2006
Hi Margarita, your mother is one determined lady
yes I was wondering that seeing she still got determination left in her and all that going on in her brain , they nothing wrong with me , so I could still find that determination that I have felt I have lost to get my weight under control, am going to get a cycle
Like mother like daughter
yes :)

you need a chance to renew your energies
your right must be why I sometime lose that determination, because I don't remew my energies , cycling does that for me as I enjoy it


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Nov 28, 2005
Like mother like daughter ??
Only 11 days to go before respite - good for you. Will you have your cycle by then? - hope so as you say it helps your relaxation. (Will also hope for good weather so you can feel the sun and wind in your face!:D :D )

(What a lady your Mum is - I remember a similar thing happening to my husband's Mum many years ago. She was supposed to be bedridden but somehow the cooked chicken in the fridge downstairs was eaten overnight before the carer came in!!!).

Thinking of you - take care Beckyjan


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Maggie

It sounds as if both Maggie and Maggie's mum have a new lease of life! Well done, both.:)

Hope you have something good planned for your respite.:D



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Mar 20, 2007
Hi Margarita

Your posts are very inspiring, my mum has been with us for over 8 months now and I am a long way off being where you are .
You also lighten any tough patches you have been through and make us laugh.
Life is not easy, (as I have now found out) when you have a mum, with Alzheimers living with you. But it's how you handle it, I love my mum very much and hope I can contiue to look after her, for as long as she needs me.
Long may your mum keep finding that hidden strenghth, that she has passed on to you.

Enjoy the respite, recharge your batteries and make the most of 'ME TIME'

I get a week respite June 22nd.

Take Care Bye for now
Janetruth x


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Feb 17, 2006
She was supposed to be bedridden but somehow the cooked chicken in the fridge downstairs was eaten overnight before the carer came in!!!).

Its strange how those things happen , like I keep finding the cheese under her pillow, mum diabetic & has high cholesterol , she must forget that then remember some thing , that she not meant to eat high fat food , because she hides it , I have read on hear that it happen to other people as in hiding thing , but I still fine it strange , so I told her eat it if she like ,

jane , you know what I have days of so much sorrow , given up , sang the song singing words of wisdom let it be , then out of the blue mum pick up and show me what she made of , yes respite yes keep them going take them when you can , sometime I say to myself no i don't need them , but I do . like Sylvia said mum needs change , yes so out of the blue that you don't expect them , because I keep looking out for them , but they always catch me by surprise , so I can't plan a thing in how mum AZ is going to progress .

soon as mum went to day-center I jump right back in to bed lol fall asleep I don't normally do that , feel so much better that I order the bike on the internet , just have to take the chq to the bank , as I don't like using my card on the internet , hazel yes have a few plains that knowing me your all know about it soon , a swim number one on my list , and the massage i had to cancel because they change the day for mum days center in to much of a short notice , to get anyone to sit with mum . thanks for all your support xx


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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Maggie

I hope the virtual chocolate I sent you is finished - given your amazing determination to get yourself under control and take exercise.

Cycling, swimming, massages - sounds great - exactly what you need (and deserve).

In that case I will now be sending you virtual sports drinks, virtual fruits and virtual relaxing herbal teas for when you finish. They do say that a glass of red wine is ok - plus this is a break for you - after all that exercise I think you can let your hair down! Make sure you do!!!! Any dancing planned?

So pleased you are getting a break. And very glad to hear how determined your Mum is.

Thanks for sharing.



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Feb 17, 2006
Any dancing planned?
Now all that health drink sounds good , will I shall hide in the kitchen looking busy on my daughter birthday & have a dance in the kitchen.

while my other daughter who it is not her birthday wants a house party as Nanny away lol , they mad my kids , just because I let them have one when we move from our old flat to our new house , seeing the other flat was empty . I let them have one in they , I did supervised it , but never again .

I ended up having to much drink , while the nose control people from the council came around to tell us to turn the base down , them hour later someone turn the main from the whole block of , my good reputation was gone , while we all sang out side the flat I did it my way :D and I tell every one to leave . which did not go down to will with my daughters .

So now in new house , few of my daughter friends . I learn the hard way , oh will you only live ones
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