Strange days.

beech mount

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Sep 1, 2008
This eveningmy wife told me she has not got AZ and then listed
all the jobs she had done today.These were all the jobs Ihad done
and she realy thinks she has done them!Just another manifestation
of AZ. Any one else with this experence?
R E logging on,i have had many similar experences also i note
that on T P the posts say today and the time but some are days old,could we have a date?
Regards to all.

mum of two

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Oct 3, 2008
Hi Beech Mount,
My Mum has got vasscular diamentia & has episodes like this . Her mum & dad died 30 plus years ago. She knows that her dad ia dead but she still thinks that her mum is alive.When I spoke to her tonight she asked if my husband could take her home . I told her that she was at home which she didn't seem too beleive. She was diagnosed in June but seems to gone down hill so quick in somethings. I think that she has had it for several years.
It isn't nice to see a loved one behave in this way. I tend to try & not make a big fuss about it & try to talk about something else. It works for awhile until something triggers it off again. It must be really hard for them.
Take care I am sure that you will have lots of good moments to cherish.

Mum of two:rolleyes:


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
i note
that on T P the posts say today and the time but some are days old,could we have a date?
Hi beech mount

Do you mean the date on the forum index page? That's the date and time of the last post on the thread, with the newest highest up on the page, so most of them will say 'Today'.

If you open up the thread, each post has the date and time of posting at the top left hand corner.


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Apr 30, 2008
in reply to a post.can i suggest you ask why they want to go home?finding out the key to their requst will enable you to deal with it