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Stepping away from acting as health care professional and be more like a grandaughter


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Jul 17, 2019
Hi my name is Charlotte, little bit about me I’m student nurse/community hca so I work with family’s and individuals with dementia. I knew it’s hard for anyone that affected by it but you don’t realise how hard it is until it affects yourself or family.

my Nan has Alzheimer’s and is pretty much in denial... she is independent and is at early stages. She recently has started memory medication and is convinced that is causing problems however I think she wants to stop taking the medication. The symptoms she is having are things she had for 10years appetite small and sleepy. However the advice I need is how can I support her? At times I feel like a heath care professional give her information and when really just huge part of me just want my Nan back


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
Hello you are welcome here and I hope you find the forum to be a friendly and supportive place.

I hope you have time to take a good look around the site as it is a goldmine for information. When I first joined I read old threads for information but then found the AS Publications list and the page where a post code search can be done to check for support services in ones own area. If you are interested in these, clicking the following links will take you there



You will see that there are Factsheets that will help with things like getting care needs assessments, deciding the level of care required and sorting out useful things like Wills, Power of Attorney etc., if any of that hasn't already been done.

Now that you have found us I hope you will keep posting as the membership has vast collective knowledge and experience.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Of course you just want your nan back @Charlottelg Being a health professional doesnt mean you will be immune to all the emotional side. When you are at work it is easy to detach yourself because they are not friends or relatives and you dont know what they were like before. With your nan, you do and you love your nan, so of course you will miss the way she used to be.