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Staying in bed


Registered User
Jan 10, 2015
My friend has refused to get up for the last three days. Does anyone have any ideas on how to tempt her to get up ?


Registered User
Sep 17, 2010
Actually getting up might seem quite a challenge if you've been lying in your bed for 3 days. Could you focus on something which would move your friend to the first stage (eg sitting up in bed) several times, before you move on to stage 2 (eg going into the lounge in her dressing gown)?

If your friend is as child-centred and pet-centred as my Mum is, organising the visit of a confident, friendly child (with parent!) dog or cat might get her sitting up in bed. The next stage would be to involve your friend in something child or animal related that she couldn't do in bed (eg watching the child blow out birthday candles or the animal having something to eat).