SS & Crossroads


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Mar 27, 2004
Referring back to an earlier posting about Direct Paymets.

As I explained we are being paid by SS from a fund called Carers Support Grant.

We are already having 4hrs/week from Crossroads so I rang them to ask if we could purchase another 4hrs/week from them using the funding from SS. as they are partially funded by SS anyway.

Crossroads were quite prepared to do this so I rang SS to clear it with them. The Social Worker didn't even know that Crossroads would supply sitters on a paid basis. He said however, there was no objection and we could purchase 4hrs from who we chose, provided the hourly cost was within the limits imposed.

I have therefore set up another 4hr weekly session from Crossroads starting next week.

It just shows that you have to expore every avenue to get what is available.

Cheers Barraf


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
well done.
I now have 6 hours, 3x2, funded by SS and paid to crossroads,with no charge to us.
We are now waiting ,next week,for the SW to come and we will complete the direct payment forms.
Keep at it
Norman :)