Speedy decline


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Mar 8, 2008
Dad has had such a speedy decline this week:(

Went to visit him yesterday in the NH and was told he keeps trying to sleep on the floor.:(

Also his hands have closed(fingers to fingers) so that he has real difficulty holding anything. He had a bowl of cereal in front of him and they only way he could eat it was to wedge the bowl in-between his hands and tip it into his mouth.So most of it seemed to go down him.

Also he does not seem to be able to hold any sort of conversation, just seems to say the odd words now and again.

We were also told that he is sleeping more and more.
I am unsure about the stages of dementia but does this sound like he may be entering the final stages of dementia?

I felt so distressed after seeing hime this weekend:(


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Jan 31, 2004
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Hello Jack

sorry to hear your news.

When there is a particularly speedy apparent decline, first of all I'd be wondering if his dementia was vascular and that there had been another stroke or strokes.

If not that, then I'd be looking at possible infections [UTIs], or the medications he has - have they changed, should they be changed? - also the weather... is it too hot for his conditions?

I'd be checking with the doctor too.

Don't simply assume this is an entry to a next stage; it may well be, but often improvements can be made when deterioration is due to something else.

Good luck!


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Mar 8, 2008
Thanks for the reply Brucie.

Yes we were told he has vascular dementia..he is also insulin dependant diabetic and was a cronic alcoholic up until early this year. No-one has mentioned strokes....although they did tell us he suffers from apnea.

I am visiting the NH at lunchtime so will try and get more info.


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Jun 27, 2006
I agree with what Bruce has said. Also: if he can't hold an eating implement then someone should be helping him. Do make sure you mention what has happened to his hands: this seems so unusual that it sounds as if it should be diagnostic.


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Mar 23, 2008
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Please do get more diagnostic help for your dad. My mother had a series of strokes earlier this year and this brought a very drastic decline. I had been with her and noticed something odd but the final verdict came with the doctor ordering and mri. They were able to see the 3 spots that were effected by the stroke. With her strokes she lost use of her hands and arms.

Her dr. told e that sometimes strokes effect different parts so it is well worth your conscious to push for them to have him looked at more closely.

As for his not being able to hold between his hands. Someone should be feeding him and if his carer had noticed then they should be held accountable to make sure he is comfortable.


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Mar 8, 2008
Dad seemed much better today. Managed to feed himself at lunchtime, had been showered, shaved and his moustache trimmed:)
He said he felt much better today and was much more talkative. I suppose I have to get used to good and bad days. The doctor visited today and said it could have been a mixture of his sugar being high and the hot weather..I feel happier today.


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Feb 17, 2006
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