Speech problems


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Mar 15, 2006
Hi All,
Havent been around much lately due to work and house decorating!

I was just wondering...

...the first time we realised something was wrong with Mum a year or so ago was when her speech started to fail...she began stuttering. Her mind seemed fine but the speech problem got worse. She was diagnosed with AD last year and since then seems to have got worse both in speech and mind.

I read so many things about AD...but rarely read about speech failing so early on...is it common?
Having a conversation with her is so difficult now and she gets so frustrated as she wants to tell me something and cant. Telephone calls are almost impossible.

We are considering sheltered accommodation for her now. There are a few places nearby that seem suitable.

Anyway, thought I would ask if the speech thing is "the norm" (whatever "normal" is nowadays!!!!!)

Thanks for listening.


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Maria, there is no 'norm'

I fell in love with my Lionel because of his command of the language, and his ability to talk, and listen, and interject on any subject. Nowdays, whilst I am lucky that he can still 'talk', speech is nothing like it was, and diminishing weekly.