Specialists in Dementia


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Dec 15, 2007
Rayleigh Essex
Can anybody recommend a private consultant that specialises in Dementia. My Mother was diagnosed two years ago with vascular dementia (mayabe alzheimers) and since then we have the 6monthly or so visit to the Mental Health Unit at the local Clinic.Each time I feel we are just going through the motions, same questions,same prognosis; keep taking the tablets which incidently are seroquel which depending upon which medical literature you read either may or may not help. I would like to therefore try to find someone who has been recommended that could perhaps offer up alternative medication and advice with this situation. Has anybody had experiences of specialists in this field.



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Jul 31, 2007
Hi Maren,
Unfortunately, we are not able to recommend Doctors', Consultants.
I am sure someone will come on line and correct me and give you advice.
The only thing I can think of is in my personal opinion going back to the G.P. and relay your concerns there.
Wishing you the very best


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Mandy,

Christine is absolutely correct.

One thing I will say is that, in the 7-8 years it took to diagnose my wife's dementia, we ran the gamut of consultants, NHS, and private - mostly the latter.

The most impressive care came from the NHS. Private consultants were - for us - like a gravy train. Just my opinion, of course.

You might try one alternative therapy Jan was offered - a digestive biscuit every 3 hours. This was Harley Street, by the way.

Before the Daily Mail hears and puts out a headline "Biscuits cure for Alzheimer's" I should say it didn't work, and she got lots of crumbs in her handbag.

I really suggest you return to your GP and as Christine suggests, explain your concerns, then ask to be referred.


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Feb 17, 2006
Admiral nurses are specialist in dementia


Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses, working in the community, with families, carers and supporters of people with dementia.

The Admiral Nurse model was established as a direct result of the experiences of family carers. Admiral Nurses are named after Joseph Levy, who had dementia.

He was known by his family as ‘Admiral Joe’ due to his keen interest in sailing.
Admiral Nurses:

• work with family carers as their prime focus

• provide practical advice, emotional support, information

and skills

• deliver education and training in dementia care

• provide consultancy to professionals working with people

with dementia

• promote best practice in person- centred dementia care

Admiral Nursing DIRECT

0845 257 9406

Admiral Nursing DIRECT is a telephone information and support line for family carers, people with dementia and professionals.

The service is also available by email: direct@fordementia.org.uk
They only a phone call away & they come out to your home if you want them to , it does not matter what stage of dementia the person is in. They tell you about medication and can give you advice . They could even answer your question about alternative medication
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